Friday, March 14, 2014

Sam Adams, Beer of the Year!

This has been quite the week in the Boston LGBT community. Headlining the papers (and social media) has been the storied South Boston St. Patrick's Day parade. The one that for the entirety of its existence has banned gay people from marching. The one that for a moment said sure, 2014 is the year that openly gay veterans can march. As long as they do not say they are gay. Or wear a shirt that might infer they are gay. And then the organizers changed their minds. So there will be no gay people marching in the parade. 

Marty Walsh, the new mayor of Boston, has spoken out aggressively about this, and is trying to talk some sense into the clearly discrimination heavy parade hosts, the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council. Mayor Walsh has said he will not march unless the gays are welcomed to march openly. Go Mahty!

Sam Adams has been the beer sponsor for the St. Patrick's day parade for eons. Yesterday, Club Cafe - the restaurant where we happened to celebrate our wedding nearly ten years ago - said they were removing Sam Adams beer from their menu and bar until Sam Adams pulled their sponsorship of the parade.

Guess what? Sam Adams pulled their sponsorship of the parade.

This story was on the radio as Arden and I were driving home from school. She asked about it and I won't lie, I got a little verklempt at the incredible support that is happening for the LGBT community. For our community. For my family.

Ten years ago we rushed to the altar to make sure we had a chance of being grandfathered in if Mittens (not a typo) Romney was successful in overturning marriage equality. Now we have a president more outspoken than any politician in history about equality. We have governors and mayors and senators fighting for our families - and not just in whispers behind closed doors. They are as out and proud as we are and you know what? It's awesome.

Now go out and buy yourself something to drink.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The's happening quickly

Tonight was the moving up meeting for Lower Elementary to Upper Elementary.  Yes, it's 8 months away - but the opportunity to hear what the next 3 years will be like will help us navigate and focus Arden toward getting ready for the intensity that is Upper Elementary for the remainder of this school year.

And over the summer -- she gets a summer reading list this year!

I am immeasurably impressed by what we learned tonight.  This is definitely not the Montessori school of my childhood - the expectations are much higher, and for that I think Dora and I are both glad.  Arden might disagree ... that remains to be seen.  Although she's working on a project with Upper Elementary already and is pretty obsessed with how awesome it is.  Geothermal energy for the win!

Just about 4 years ago to the day we toured the school for the first time, contemplating starting her for Kindergarten. 

Seriously.  Look at her.  Oh Gymboree, how I miss being allowed to shop in your store.  

We opted to keep her at her daycare for Kindergarten, a decision I think we might regret, but the past is the past.  So she started a year later, in Lower Elementary.  And the third graders in her class seemed so old.  And the 4th graders even older.  And now she's a third grader just a blink away from moving on up.

It is insane.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Days January 20 and 21 on the Gay Agenda

Well, I made it to mid-January for posting on a daily basis.  That's some sort of record for me.  I haven't blogged the last few days.  I tried to do it from my phone but couldn't figure out how to upload photos so gave up.  I've been leaving the laptop closed in recent days because I am knee deep in this:


In case you can't read microscopic words, it's Sue Monk Kidd's The Invention of Wings. Someday I will pick less intense books.  I am wholly sucked in with about 200 pages left to read.  Almost time to figure out what's next.

Anyhoo, the rest of our long weekend involved hockey and downtime. 

Arden is officially the UNH Lady Wildcats' biggest fan.  We went up again on Sunday and brought two of her friends.  


She spends a fair amount of time on her feet during these games.  She's just so into it.  It's hilarious.  And yes she wants to play.  And yes we're contemplating.  And by we I mean me, because Dora already said she will not be driving to 5AM practices.


Toward the end of the game, her buddy C was the lucky recipient of a puck that went over the glass.  All three kids decided to relocate after that happened because Arden and and R decided they too needed pucks -- and they'd just go catch their own.

Of note, they didn't catch them.  But I have a feeling this is where she will want to sit from now on.  Time to get a face mask.

All three kids had a grand old time, and C and R have asked if I'll just swing by to pick them up for the rest of the season's games.  Guess that's a good sign.  I'll probably have to promise not to overindulge them every time as I did this time -- too many treats for anyone's good. But once in awhile it's fun to be that mom.

Monday was MLK Day.  Arden and I were both home - Dora had to work.  We had a much needed lazy day.  There was a lot of iPad time and we didn't get out of our pjs.

I was semi-productive in getting us ready for the week, baking these for A's snacks Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Muffins.  They're made with applesauce and were a shockingly big hit.

I also experimented with the crock pot - trying to come up with new and different ways to finish off the pork in the freezer before our new pig arrives in a month.  The jury is still out on what I made.  I think the recipe was short on flavor.  That said - the crock pot is obviously the world's best only way to make pork chops.  They were so soft - and that meat is typically just so tough. 

Experimenting again tonight with my tried and true marinade.  We shall see.

So we've had some highs and just some averages the last few days.  And we've spent a lot of time staring out the window.  The sun is alluring.  Until you step outside and it is negative 5. So you go back and sit on the couch and keep staring out the window.  Because spring will be here before we know it.  Right?

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Surprise! It's SNOWING. Again.

Arden and I took this creature and her sister to the vet this morning.  Where else would anyone want to be at 8AM on a Saturday?

We drove home in the pouring rain which at some point turned into driving snow.  That lasted for oh...twelve hours.  And counting.

We had plans with friends that we'd all be looking forward to and we almost took a rain check because the roads were a hot mess since the snow took everyone by surprise -- everyone, including every single meteorologist in New England, apparently.  But, we took our chances and made the 15 minute drive to their house.  Sure it took 40ish minutes to get there but it was worth it.  And the scenery was nice.

I thought the trees behind their house were crazy picturesque.  Don't you agree?

The roads were down to pavement on the way home so Dora let me drive.  I'm apparently not to be trusted in snow.  ;)

Easy drive home, the plows are coming by again to get us cleaned up because of our super awesome new mayor.  The plows haven't been by this much in the last 4 years under the criminal mayor.

The kid crawled into bed pretty quickly and was out like a light.  Busy day tomorrow - hopefully she'll sleep past 6AM.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Friday is my favorite day of the week.  It holds so much promise, don't you think?  Sure, we have work and school but the light that awaits is so bright.  Today's light is particularly bright since it's a three day weekend.  Win.

Dora had a date with her horse ladies tonight so Arden and I were on our own.  We opted for English muffin pizzas and salad.  

Sous Chef and Master Cheese Grater

Gourmet dining!  English muffin pizzas, salad, and wine. (I was recently turned on to Tempranillo as a replacement for my beloved Malbec.)  All the food groups are represented here.  Because wine is made of grapes.

We watched the first Percy Jackson tonight.  It is terrifyingly intense.  Much more so than the second!  Arden loved it and spent a fair amount of time telling me the back story of the different Gods.  I wonder if public school will be impressed the depths of her mythical knowledge should we go that direction some day.  Guess unless it's on an MCAS test that's a no.  

Shelby found the movie terrifying and ended up on top of us.  Cheater.  She's not allowed up with me.

This little creature was wholly invested in the movie and crashed soon after.  Friday night after a long week equals one exhausted child.

I also made cookie batter for our friends' house tomorrow.  

So as you can see, it's been another groundbreaking night on the Gay Agenda.  You really can see why the right-wingers need to take us down, can't you?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Gold Dude

Today was Oscar nomination day.  Look!  It's Ellen!  And she's hosting again, because the Academy is smart.

I used to be a movie aficionado.  I'd see every Oscar nominated movie -- without fail.  And then Arden happened and my movie watching went to the same place that my 5AM workouts went.

(Yep, totally making excuses.  It's my blog, I can do that.)

I have seen approximately zero of this year's major nominated movies.  I must remedy this. AMC Theaters usually does an Oscar weekend leading up where they play all the films nominated for Best Picture.  Hopefully they'll do that again.  I doubt I'll see all of them but if I have the opportunity in the coming couple of months I will see:

  • Captain Phillips (My future husband, Tom Hanks, was robbed by not being nominated for this or Saving Mr. Banks.  Because he is wonderful and no I am not biased.)
  • Philomena (It left my theater last weekend, epic fail, Erin.  Hopefully it makes another appearance.)
  • 12 Years a Slave
  • Her (Looks very, very weird but I've heard is incredibly powerful.)
  • Gravity
I have utterly no desire to see The Wolf of Wall Street.

Meryl and Julia (yeah, first name basis) are both nominated for Osage County and I've already got plans to see that this weekend.  

I've already seen what will obviously win Best Original Song and Best Animated Picture three times.  If it doesn't win I will probably sue the Academy.

And I sort of want to have an Oscar party so there will be someone in the house to enjoy it with me since Dora hates all things award shows.  I know, right??

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Because in N.E. in January, 43 is a Heatwave

Not only was it almost 50 for a high today, and about 43 when we got was light out until almost 5!  We are inching toward the light, folks.

Arden and I took Shelby for a walk since it was oh-so toasty out.  But really, we have to take advantage of the over 30 degrees days.  She needed the 3 miles and frankly, so did we.

It was a well spent 45ish minutes - even if I had to force myself outside.

She had to finish homework when we got home.  She was wandering around the house looking for her pencil.  Which, apparently, she stuck in our defunct ice maker.